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Now you control your internet

Social networks, music and video services, instant messengers and torrent client will work even if the are banned at the state level. You remain anonymous for the entire Internet. Your ISP can no longer monitor and restrict your activity on the network.

Independence from the provider

It does not matter who gives you access to the Internet at home, at work, or traveling - now he will not be able to see and monitor your online activity.

Bypass the restrictions on the geo-location

Now you have access to all sites and services, regardless of their country of residence. Music, video, games, shopping and more.

Hide your real IP-address

The IP-address is your online passport. With us, all of the sites and services that you visit instead of your IP will see the IP-addresses of our servers.

Make a connection via Wi-Fi safe

Public Wi-Fi can be easily auditioned scams and you run the risk of losing accounts, credit card data and other valuable information.

Runs on all platforms

We created beautiful and user-friendly applications for Windows, Mac OS and Linux us. On mobile devices with Android and iOS you do not have to install any additional software, just follow the instructions to set up. If desired, you can set up a connection, even on your router and use your applications such as OpenVPN or TunnelBlick with our configuration files.

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+Free VPN

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owl, guest 03.03.2017, 14:30




А мне понравился сервис. За такие-то деньги. Да, есть периодические сбои, но они некритичны. Жаль конечно, что саппорт не работает, но он не особенно нужен.

Normal service. For its money. Sometimes there are breaks but not critical. It's sad that support doesn't work but there's no need for it.

Knight66, guest 18.02.2017, 00:38




Почтовый саппорт конечно нечто, но VPN нормально работают. Для сёрфинга и видео в 360 хватает

Mail support is something I can't understand, but VPN works fine. For surfing and video in 360 it's ok

Milotanik, guest 05.02.2017, 01:17




Коннект слетал постоянно, периодически вообще не получалось подключиться! Постоянные сбои меня добили, пришлось запросить манибэк. Получил ли я его? - Ждал ответа около недели, не дождался и просто забил(

Connect dropped constantly, periodically could not connect at all! Constant failures killed desire to work, I had to request manibek. Have I got it? - I was waiting for response about a week, decided not to wait and forgot about it(