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Why do people choose us?

Maximum security

Full safety from listening at work, at home or at public Wi-Fi networks. Neither providers nor swindlers or Wi-Fi points administrators can see your credit card details or the text of the message on the social network.

Guaranteed anonymity

We make your work in the Internet anonymous replacing the IP-address of the source. This means that the information about your actual location and history of visits to all web resources is kept secret.

We do not follow users

We can state with full responsibility that our service is not logging customer activity and we are ready to grant access to any of our server.

Access blocked sites

Using our service you can get access to content that is blocked by government censors, the system administrator at your work or home provider.

Unlimited traffic

We have no restrictions on the traffic, and the speed is uniformly distributed on demand. Watch or download videos, music and other digital high-definition content.

Awesome speed

A considerable range of servers with a wide channel and high-quality servers guarantee extremely fast and stable operation.

Service pros

+Fast support
+Reliable night support

Service cons

No moneyback

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Andy_93, guest 25.02.2017, 08:20




Довольно широкий выбор VPN по сравнению с другими сервисами. Но качество работы... периодически не конектит, разрывы.. но между этими разрывами неплохая, чуть выше средней скорость.

Wide choise of VPN compared with other services. But the quality is... sometimes it has no connection, breaks .. But between these breaks quality is not bad, a little higher than average speed.

BettyStark, guest 22.02.2017, 16:02




Брал ради отдельных стран. В итоге выяснилось, что у них якобы работы или что-то в этом роде. Как деньги платить, так они со всех карт снимают, а как возврат – так хрен. Хоть и деньги небольшие, неприятно как-то

I took for individual countries. In the end they said that they had technical work or something like that. Of course they want to get money from every opportunity but don't make refund. Not high cost, but not satisfied of course

Хэппи, guest 28.01.2017, 11:35




Проблемный сервис, не из тех, где "включил и забыл". Вечно что-то падает, не работает. Надоело уже, подписка кончится и уйду сразу.

Service with problems, not the kind where "started and forgot about it". Always lags, breaks. Tired already, the subscription will end and we'll leave immediately.